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In the Seiko advance Ltd, we are preparing much special uses and ink for an ornament.
Application to various uses can be performed according to an idea.

Kind Name A use and the feature Material In addition to this
Special color Miracle color 5 A color changes with an angle. Particle diameter became still finer. Various materials It prepares for each series.
BL color In response to a black light, it shines in skillful color. Various materials It prepares for each series.
IR black series Infrared sensor portions, such as remote control, are hidden. Vinyl chloride,PC, acrylics, etc. It prepares for each series.
Ink ムシブロックコーティングインキ 害虫を寄せ付けない ABS、PC、PET、塩ビ、アクリル、処理オレフィン系樹脂、金属、塗装板 Solvent type
Mirro Effect Ink If back printing is carried out to a Mirror effect. Polyester, PC, vinyl chloride, acrylics, Transparent material Solvent type
OSA Backside printing ink for Mirror effect ink Various materials (on Mirror effect ink) Solvent type
TUP Printed matter and a material are protected from dirt. Polyester, vinyl chloride, glass, etc. Solvent type
DSタンポ パット(タンポ)印刷用インキ ABS、AS、PC、塩ビ、アクリル等 Solvent type
SOF Scratch (exfoliation) ink for drawing of lots The paper, the card by which coating was carried out Solvent type
TJN series A printing emulsion side becomes a shurunk pattern apparatus. Paper, vinyl chloride PC, etc. UV type, TJN apparatus
UV texture ink The surface will become a satin pattern if it prints with gold, silver, chromium color, etc. Vinyl chloride and paper of a specular surface material UV type
Mirror effect ink prism series Mirror effect ink which becomes a hologram tone Treated PET and PC, acrylics Solvent type

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